About us
Imagem do processo de embalar os copos Copos Inquebráveis coloridos

notfragilcups emerges from a combination of over 30 years of experience and innovation in the field of injection, and conscientious sustainable development.

notfragilcups is an international company that differentiates itself by the quality of its cups. Besides being unbreakable, odourless, non-toxic, customisable, and 100% recyclable, they can be reused (> 500 dishwasher cycles). Thus, representing greater savings from a commercial viewpoint and a reduction on the ecological footprint.

In addition to the differentiating technical features, the development processes at notfragilcups meet the rigorous applicable requirements set forth by European Directives (CE). Furthermore, the use of the most recent and innovative materials has earned the company an EU food contact certificate.

Environmentally, technically or commercially, notfragilcups will always be the best solution.